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The third largest island in the Dodecanese, Kos is the perfect place to go if you are seeking a truly chilled-out and relaxed holiday atmosphere.  The region has grown in popularity over the last few years and attracts holidaymakers both young and old who flock there to enjoy almost guaranteed sun and endless sandy beaches.  The scenery is truly stunning.  Inland you will find snow tipped mountains and rivers flowing through the warm valleys.  There is, however, far more to do on holidays to Kos than just admire the scenery.  
Many tourists flock to Kos for the unique shopping experience that is on offer there.  All over the region you will find markets and bazaars selling everything from coffee pots to carpets.  Marmaris, located just a few kilometres away, offers a more traditional, commercial shopping experience, and is famous for its freshwater pearls.  
In terms of nightlife there are many options.  The charming village of Asfendiou offers a quiet and relaxing experience.  However, if you are looking for something a little more upbeat you should simply stay in Kos itself for the evening where bars and clubs are plentiful and you can sample the local cuisine and drinks, including the traditional Greek drink, called raki.
The area surrounding Kos offers many historical sites of interest, and bus tours are popular with tourists wishing to visit many of these sites in one outing.  It is advisable to book these trips early as during the busy season they do have a tendency to fill up quickly.  
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