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With sunshine all year round, Lanzarote has been a favourite holiday destination with British tourists since the 1960s.  The island is popular with sun worshippers and sports enthusiasts, and attracts both families and singles.  Holidays in Lanzarote can be quite lively as there are many nightclubs.  The beaches are amazing and seem to stretch forever.  The scenery is stunning and the island is home to many rare species of wildlife.
The island has some amazing restaurants, and the fish restaurants in particular are made special by the fact that the fish is locally sourced.  As you would expect in Spain tapas is very popular, as is paella.
The night life in Lanzarote is also attracts a large number of serious clubbers, and all the popular resorts are bursting with lively and stylish bars.  Those wishing to experience a more sedate experience can relax at some of the relaxing harbour side bars.  The island attracts some of the best DJ's in the music industry and there are clubs playing music to suit the tastes of just about everyone.
As you would expect from one of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote offers a huge selection of leather goods and ceramics for sale.  Los Cristianos is also a shopper's paradise, and is home to many major designer stores as well as some boutiques.  There are many guided tours of the island available, and your hotel staff will be happy to assist you in booking your trip.
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