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Crete has dramatic cliffs, pebble coves and gorgeous sandy beaches.  The island is popular with sun worshippers and sports enthusiasts.  Holidays in Crete can be as lively as you like, or you can take your holiday there at a slower pace.  The beaches are amazing and you can even choose a beach to suit your mood, as there are so many.  
The island has some amazing restaurants and many of the dishes feature olives and figs, which are plentiful in Greece.  Also being an island, the fish restaurants are superb as fish is locally sourced and is served very fresh.  The people of Crete are very proud of their food.
The nightlife in Crete also attracts a great many clubbers.  Malia has recently been named the clubbing capital of the island, and is filled with lively and stylish bars.  Those wishing to have a more sedate experience can chill out at some of the relaxing harbour side bars.
As you would expect from one of the Greek islands, Crete has a huge selection of leathers and ceramics on offer, as well as the ubiquitous miniature donkey.  If you enjoy traditional markets it would be worth visiting the hillside village of Krista, famed for its handmade crafts.  Here, leather goods and ceramics are plentiful and of exceptional quality.  The area is also famous for its Minoan jewellery which can be found at Heraklion's amazing central market.  Amazing traditional Greek cuisine is also served in and near the central market.
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