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Ibiza is well known for being a party animal's paradise.  However, the beautiful island has so much more to offer tourists than just the nightlife.  There are fabulous beaches, truly stunning views and, as most of those on holidays to Ibiza tend to stay close to Ibiza Town, much of the island's other delights remain largely unexplored.
With its warm and generally dry climate, Ibiza makes an ideal destination for a relaxing beach holiday.  Car hire is reasonably priced, and this is an excellent way to explore some of the island's less well known towns and beaches.  There are almost too many little cove beaches to count, and the towering cliffs along the coastline are just breath taking.  There is also an abundance of charter boat trips to take advantage of, and these make an excellent way to see the island from a different perspective, whilst enjoying the cool sea breezes.  Some cruises make a day out of their trips with drinks flowing and on board entertainment.  If you are feeling more adventurous, there are also plenty of water sports to enjoy!
As you head further inland, it is well worth stopping to look around some of the pretty towns and villages.  Most locals speak some English, so you will have no problem ordering food or a San Miguel or two, and it is easy to pass a few hours just sitting back in a local bar or café watching the world go by.  The Spanish are known for their excellent service, and the friendly staff almost anywhere you go will make sure you are well looked after and refreshed.
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