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As the capital of the Algarve in Portugal, Faro is bursting with tourist activity.  Popular with tourists from all over Europe, Faro attracts millions of visitors every year.  The climate is warm and pleasant during the summer months and the sea is usually warm, making it very pleasant to take a dip.  The area attracts a mix of visitors on holidays to Faro ranging from young to old, and families to singles.  Faro is very accessible and is only 20 minutes away from the airport.
Many tourists hire a car and tour the area when on Faro holidays.  It is advisable to book well in advance, and do try to avoid booking car hires at the airport, as the prices tend to be higher.  
The Old City in Faro has many historic sites of interest that you can visit, and one can really get a sense of Portugal's Moorish past wandering though the quaint streets.  The beaches are plentiful and gorgeous with the most well known and popular one being Praia de Faro, popular with locals as it is never crowded even during peak season.  The coast is very rugged with plunging cliffs and beautiful vistas.
The food in Faro is outstanding, and there is an eclectic mix of international restaurants serving a variety of international cuisines.  The wine is also excellent and nearly all restaurants stock locally produced wine.  The region is famous for its wine, and even Cliff Richard owns a vineyard there.  Well known brands include Monte de Casteleja and Barranco Longo.
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