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With its cloudless skies and clear blue seas, Rhodes is a very popular destination for British tourists.  Holidays in Rhodes offer a great deal to do and see, and the island attracts tourists of all ages.  The beaches are amazing and seem to stretch on forever.  Rhodes is the most visited of all the Greek islands, and has been for many years.
The island has some amazing restaurants.  Olives and figs, which are plentiful in Greece, are the main ingredients in a great deal of the local cuisine.  Being an island, the fish restaurants are superb as the fish is locally sourced and served fresh.  
The night life in Rhodes is among the best to be found anywhere in the Greek islands.  Falairaki is the centre of the nightlife scene here and is bursting with lively bars and clubs.  Those wishing to have a more sedate experience can relax at some of the quieter and less hectic venues in Lindros and Pekoes.
Rhodes offers visitors a wide variety of shopping experiences, from upscale boutiques to quaint shops and stalls featuring locally produced arts and crafts.
The jewel in the crown of the island is, of course, Rhodes Town, which has many places of interest to visit.  The town is surrounded by battlements and has a medieval centre where there are statues of Rhodes' most famous overlords¸ the Knights of St John.  Rhodes Town really has a sense of drama surrounding it, and is a place that must be visited during Rhodes holidays.
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