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Corfu is a popular and well established holiday destination that attracts over a million tourists every year.  The Greek island is particularly popular with British tourists and is one of the most beautiful islands in the country.  A little known fact about the island is that it is the birth place of the Queen's husband, Prince Philip.
Most tourists go on holidays to Corfu to spend time on one of the many golden beaches and bask in the sun.  The resorts of Kavos and Corfu Town pulse with life and attract an upbeat party crowd.  Both have a variety of clubs and pubs that will keep you dancing well into the early hours.  If you need a rest you can chill out in to the "cooing" cafes, which are close to most clubs.  The weather during the evenings is very pleasant, meaning that you can safely wear light, casual clothing.  
Most of the popular resorts in Corfu are located in the north of the island where you will find various natural and archaeological wonders that will fascinate you.  Guided tours of the island are also available and take in many of the charming inland hamlets, where you will be exposed to traditional Greek life.  Many of the small villages are unchanged by time and there is a real laid back, time has stood still vibe all through the area.
Greece is also becoming popular with golfers, and boasts many top quality golf courses where tuition is available.
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